Dear colleagues,

after the 2nd International Children and Youth Psychodrama Conference in Zagreb (Croatia) was postponed to September 2021 due to COVID-19 and because it was impossible to predict future responses and security measures that Croatia and other countries will take, we decided to offer psychodrama community the possibility to share their professional experience and knowledge in online setting.

We wish to inform you that the Conference will be held ONLINE from September 24 to September 26, 2021.

We will follow our starting idea that all of us face the challenges of the digital age, which moves a significant part of communication into the virtual world children have to interact with from their early age on. The demands of social networks and other online content take up a large portion of children’s free time, narrowing down the field of their interest and offering only a limited view of reality. All of this can lead to alienation from the authenticity of identity and result in various psychological difficulties in children and youth.

Psychodrama communicates with children and youth in the language of play and action, helps them to get into contact with each other, increases their self-confidence, frees their creativity, and leads to self-healing. Specific psychodrama methods for children and youth have been developed in the last two decades by several schools around Europe. Recently, interest in the method has grown rapidly, starting an international cooperation via FEPTO Network Group for Psychodramatists Working with Children and Youth. After the last International Conference, held in Budapest in 2018, we are continuing our meetings of experienced colleagues and schools to discuss and explore the method. Our discussions will include similarities and differences in our methods, theory behind them, understanding the role and competencies of therapists, and elaboration methods to measure the therapeutic effect.

All of us are faced with new challenges of the pandemic and the requirements of online work it sets before us.

We decided to take the challenge, ensure the opportunity of equal participation and offer this Conference in ONLINE setting.

On behalf of Croatian Center for Psychodrama, we invite you to participate in ONLINE lectures, presentations, workshops or posters, and share your experiences of the Children and Youth Psychodrama.

The official language of the conference is English.

Please submit your abstract by June 1,  2021.

Abstract acceptance notification: by July 1, 2021.

All abstracts and submission details must be submitted in English.


On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the 2nd International Children and Youth Psychodrama Conference,

Vedran Korušić

Program Committee


Márta Pavlović

István Pető

Ivana Jurić (president of PC)

Danijela Blanuša Trošelj

Simona Prosen

Damir Miholić

Organisational Committee


Vedran Korušić (president of OC)

Dijana Mateša

Jasenka Korlević

Irena Bohač

Kristina Bjelopavlović – Cesar

Anita Čeko

Katarina Jurić