Plenary Sessions 

Hanna Kende: The Art of Psychodramatist for Children and Youth

Milena Mutafchieva , Stefan Flegelskamp & Reijo Kaupilla: Evidence Based Trauma Stabilization (EBTS) for traumatized families

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Mario Cossa: Drago-Drama: Archetypal Psychodrama with Youth

Dr. Fabian Blobel: „…Can we go smoke a cigarette…”

Daniela Tahirova, Alexandrina Milcheva: How to use our superpowers online

Craig Stevens : Working WITH resistance

Inna Braneva: Psychodrama work with children /3-7 years/ with developmental difficulties

Luigi Dotti, Giovanna Ferella: Spontaneity and Control. From hyperactivity to spontaneous activity in child psychodrama.

Rebecca Walters: I Don’t Wanna, You Can’t Make Me: Action Interventions with Reluctant Teens

Virag Szikora: Elaborating Traumatic Experiences in the Symbolic World

Viola Szebeni: Half-ready’ drawing techniques

Beáta H. Pozsár, Csilla Németh: Mixed bag

Angela Sordano: The embodiment in groups with adolescents

Wilma Scategni: Dreams, Myths and Fairy Tales/ Psychodrama online with family, children and adolescence: Experiences and research

Irena Vitaljić: My challenges and my strengths – Psychodramatic and Somatic Experiencing approach to research personal capacity in working with children and young people

Milena Mutafchieva, Stefan Flegelskamp: “The snake says, no fear!” Group and Individual Psychodrama with aggressive children

Lydia Yordanova: Psychodrama and Expressive Arts Therapy Approach for Healing Childrens’ Trauma Caused by Parents’ Divorce

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Wilma Scategni: Dreams, Myths and Fairy Tales/ Psychodrama online with family, children and adolescence: Experiences and research

Elisabeth Skjetne, Eva Steinkjer: The hidden play

Zafy Melisova: The application of psychodrama for adolescents with mental disorder and intellectual difficulties: the course of the group dynamic

Enas Jouda , Manal El Herbawe: Children in Gaza between the covid pandemic and the last War 2021

Orban Maria: Psychodrama with children – a comparison of Aichinger’s and Kende’s approach

Luigi Dotti, Claudia Bonardi: Play between psychodrama and psychomotricity: groups of children who are victims of assisted violence

Dr. Fabian Blobel: Working in the sociometric space with adolescents

Brenda Cleary: Psychodrama in Applied Childhood Bioethics

Kristina Urbanc, Sandra Matijević: “Corrupted City – a story from adolescents’ psychodrama group”

Larisa Mogunova: “Sociometric Flower”: plot structure for the initial phase of group psychodrama with children and adolescents

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Ljubica Duspara, Zvonimira Lojen: „Which house is mine?“ A symbol of a home in the child psychodrama of adopted children

Inna Braneva: Presentation of a Psychodrama Festival, Plovdiv, Bulgaria

Andreja Bartolac: Child psychodrama with the sibling of a neurodiverse child: a case study

Maria Orbán :Short history of Children Psychodrama Association APCA-KH, Romania

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